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Create a game themed around the myth/folklore character of your choice. The game must fit into one single screen and offer challenge and a learning curve. Only use basic programming concepts (basic logic, no arrays/for loops) and your own art to build the game.

Game Features

- A link between narrative and player learning: you first encounter the god when he is asleep and get a feel for the gameplay before the timer and attacks starts

- A multi-layered challenge including:

     Visual targets

     Time management

     Movement and attack

     Object avoidance

     Resource replenishment. Phew!

- Additional visual polish ("fun touches"): eyes moving to follow the player, enemy kneeling down when sufficiently hit, amusing bee animations, etc.

Making the Game

I chose to base my game around Telepinu, an interesting (and angry) Hittite god. Hittite mythology is visually striking, rich in interesting characters, and fairly under-represented which felt like the right place to start (I mean, do you really want to see another badly drawn Zeus? Have a badly drawn Hittite god instead).

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