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Pirate Wars is a simple twin-stick / top-down shooter in which YOU are the pirate!

This game was made in one week as a small challenge and Unity refresher. :-) Pick it up for a quick burst of pirate shooting action.


  • 2 Control Schemes:
    • Twin-Stick: Move = L-Joystick, Aim & Shoot = R-Joystick
    • Top-Down Shooter: Move = WASD, Aim = Mouse, Shoot = Mouse L-Click
  • 2  Enemy Types:
    • Yellow ships: fast, less health
    • Red ships: bigger and slower, more health
  • 2 Enemy Patterns:
    • Cruise'n'shoot: pews from a safe distance.
    • Chase'n'ram: you got too close! Enemies will follow you and try to ram your ship while shooting.
  • 3 Pick-Ups:
    • Fire cannonballs
    • Rum bursts (boom!)
    • Health++
  • Simple Ruleset:
    • Difficulty goes up over time (enemy number, speed, patterns)
    • Survive as long as possible
    • Accrue fame as you sink ships
    • Beat your high score!

Known Issues

 "It's not a bug... it's a feature!" ;-)
  • Controller: slight dead-zone in movement + issue with shoot/bullet velocity
  • Enemy Ship Spawn: spawn direction is sometimes incorrect

Note: this game was made using free-to-use assets - please download AssetCredits.txt for full details.


Pirate Wars | PC Build 25 MB
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